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Audley's Close

A semi ancient woodland located near the village of Cliddesden,

very close to Basingstoke town centre.

The woodland of Audleys close is a private woodland of around 7 hectares and is situated behind Audley's Wood Hotel. 


We have taken this woodland on recently with the aim to use it for Forest School but also to restore the ancient woodland features through careful woodland management. It is a perfect space for Forest School as it is a safe and private space and within walking or cycling distance from Basingstoke town centre. 


Audley's Close is situated in the village of Cliddesden, just South of Basingstoke. 
The entrance to the site is via Pensdell Farm, opposite the M3 footbridge, RG25 2HA.  

How To Find Us:

The entrance to Pensdell farm is opposite the foot bridge over the M3 from Basingstoke town centre.  

The closet bus stop is at the Golden Lion in Viables, which is a 15 min walk from the site via the foot bridge. This bridge can also be crossed on cycle. 


We have a limited number of parking spaces so you will likely need to double park cars with someone you know is leaving at the same time. You can park on the grass, if it has been wet please only do this if you vehicle has off road capability. 


Things to be aware of:

There are 2 gates along the entrance to the woods. The first gate must remain closed, if possible let yourself and anyone else attending through but it must be closed after everyone is through for security. The second gate should be open. 


Please stick to the designated rides when you are walking into the site, this is to protect the biodiversity of the woods and for your safety. We have a large and active badgers set which we are also protecting. 

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