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What is Outdoor Learning?

Muddy Puddle Club offers different types of outdoor learning including curriculum based learning outside, environmental learning, horticulture, outdoor play and many more.

Curriculum based outddor learning

Muddy Puddle Club believes that all outdoor learning is valuable and has been proven many times to enhance children's understanding of the given topic or subject. By taking the learning outside you can provide opportunities for deeper understanding and real world experiences. We offer training in Outdoor Learning, both accredited and CPD for schools and nurseries. We can also come to your setting and deliver example sessions and longer term programmes. 

environmental learning

It is becoming increasingly evident that we need to focus on environmental learning to help protect our world for future generations. Muddy Puddle Club passionately believes that by giving children an emotional connection with nature they will protect it in the future. We offer regular talks and events with other companies on the environment as well as work with schools and nurseries to enhance their environmental learning. 

Outdoor play

By taking play outdoors we are able to foster opportunities for creativity, social interactions, connections with nature, early environmental education and exploration. It differs to Forest School as the opportunities are often adult led or set up to support specific areas of development or the EYFS. Outdoor play is proven to enhance fine and gross motor skill development, increase attention and improve mental health,

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