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If at first, you don't succeed, keep trying and make sure they see you!

The days are colder and most of our Forest School sessions involve fire in one way or another. For warmth, for cooking or simply to see whether we can do it or not. Over the last few weeks, I've realised that this is a perfect opportunity for our children to see us fail and then try again but it is up to us to take the opportunity.

Failing at something (especially in front of other people) can be hard, nerve-wracking, or even embarrassing but for the little ones watching our every move, it's a learning moment in how to meet their own failures head-on.

I remember struggling to immediately light a fire to warm up mulled apple juice at a very important staff inset meeting so I am acutely aware of the sinking feeling in your tummy, the prickling on the back of your neck and the flush of colour to your cheeks as your pulse quickens! I was more aware though of my inner voice saying that she knew I could do it because she had seen me do it before. I listened to her voice only and after ten galling minutes, the fire was lit and people were no longer focussed on my potential failure to provide them with a warm drink and an entertaining story to tell!

If you are lighting a fire with a striker, it can be tricky. Telling our little ones how we are struggling and articulating to them how it feels is so powerful. We might even want to give up and try again next week and that is absolutely fine! Showing them how happy we are when we manage to get a spark is really important as it shows them that the journey to success is as important as the destination!

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